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Group Project

A 3D miniature terrain based upon an island with different habitats and biomes, highlighting environmental effects and exploring nature and ecology further.

It houses a wide variety of animals and endangered species, intending for them to thrive and live together in peace and harmony once again.

For our install itself we chose a smaller room to immediately draw in the viewer, and created an immersive atmosphere by using various peaceful sounds linking to our piece, as well as projecting a time-lapse footage of the creation of our island, as well as a drone like perspective of the island.

Paintings and drawings of the island were placed around the room, giving the viewer something more to be intrigued by.

Film of our group install

Peter Knight
Peter Knight

We then created a book as the overall meaning of the island was missing, detailing the storyline, the different species that lived on the island and included our original concept drawings, show to the left.

Peter Knight
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