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Art Workshops


Here we were taught how to create our own canvases using the specialised equipment and machinery. I then decided to paint a vibrant sunset using oil paints.

I created another sunset using a board which I coated in a traditional Gesso, and then painted with egg tempura, which gave it a glowing look.

We were also shown how to create our own paper using recycled materials. From that I decided to add some coloured inks to some of the sheets in order to create some bright, eye catching paper, which will be interesting to use in the future.


In the sculpture workshop we we shown how to create plaster moulds, where we used objects to create interesting patterns by pressing them into the clay.

I attempted to create some sort of landscape scene. We then made clay shuttering around the edges, mixed and poured in the plaster, and here is the final result.

Digital Image


By learning how to use photoshop, we were able to take covers of comic books and edit them as if they have deteriorated over time. This taught me how to use layers, and especially helped me in creating the book for our group project. An example is shown below.

Island Vid

Moving Image

We were shown how to use and edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, which helped me a lot when filming then compiling clips for our group project. I then hired a projector and had these videos on show, which added to the interest of the exhibition.


In the print workshop we were shown how to do different etchings and use Lino, to create these prints shown below. Although I submitted some of these prints into studio practice 1, they weren't all submitted, and I couldn't not add them as they link into my personal interests of rock jumping, which is a reoccurring theme in my current body of work.

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