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Harrison's Portfolio


1 Angel.jpg

I created areas of darkness such as in the hair and in the background, to make the face stand out emulating the simplicity of pencil sketches.

It carries themes such as thought, loss, depression however also prosperity, giving an angel like feeling.

I really like how paintings can be personal, emoting different feelings to viewers.


2 Cousins.jpg

I considered carefully, where the dark areas should lie, and similarly where the light is coming from.

The softness of the background contrasts quite nicely with the portrait and attracts the eye towards it.

This portrait is a very personal piece as it is the first time my two cousins have met and emotes love


3 Brother.jpg

I created an entire body portrait as a moving shot capturing the animation of my brother.

I really like the realistic looking form of the clothes, the skin and shadow tones. As well as the softness of the background, such as lifelike nature of the grass.


4 Circles.jpg

Using circles, I designed this painting which encompasses everything I like and enjoy.

This is inspired by the project in my year 8 classes that I teach.

It has tested my skills, improved my sketching and movement of the figure as well as the story it portrays.


5 Nocturnal.jpg

An expressive and meaningful nocturnal portrait where contrast is extremely important.

The hard lighting, the darkness of the background and the rim lighting accentuates the face.

The position of the facial features, such as squinting also adds to the interest and realism.

Ollie Nocturnal

6 Ollie Nocturnal.jpg

I very much like the roughness of the shadows in the shirt, as well as the very subtle skin tones, reflecting off it.

The contrast between the clear night sky, and the soft bush marks in his hair, as well as the rim lighting further add to the interest.

I am proud of the dark glasses and the magnified effect created in the lens’ as it looks very realistic.


7 Graham.jpg

Heavily inspired by the hypo realist artist Ruben Belloso, known for his outstanding lifelike portraits in a similar style to this.

I focused on the wrinkles, the shadows and all the individual facial hairs, similar to Belloso’s work.

The backgrounds low depth of field makes the portrait seem even more realistic and makes it stand out.


8 Grandpa.jpg

Personally, one of my favourite artworks, due to the carefully considered brush marks, the bleeding of the paint, as well as the emotion that can be shared.

This painting is a portrait of my Grandpa and really means a lot to my family and I, and it was used at his funeral, as a living memory.

Little Sister

9 Little Sister.jpg

The lifelike nature of the tones in the face and the shadows, as well as the creases in the top and the softness of the background, makes for a very strong piece.

This is a portrait of my little sister, however I wanted to create something unusual, bold and eye-catching. I got the idea whilst her hair was wet and flowing, whilst in the bath.

Self Portrait

10 Self Portrait.jpg

This is a realistic self-portrait, with oversaturated complimentary colours, with a strong light source, creating softer tones in the jumper and expressive brush marks in the hair.

The softer duller tones, and the position of the headshot creates attributes such as tiredness, loneliness, and sadness.

Lady Colour

11 Lady Colour.jpg

This was my first commissioned painting and was challenging due to the sheer size (1.5m x 1.5m), the thought that went into it, in terms of composition, and the time it took.

A painting I constantly refer to, due to all the detail, the preciseness, and mainly for the risk of the bold colours and harsh lines.

It went through a lot of changes as it was not working; however I was persistent and I think it turned out well.

Ollie Expressive

12 Ollie Expressive.jpg

Over saturated complimentary colours, with the use of duller tones, like in the chin and neck, as well as the darkness around the eyes are the strengths of this painting.

I also really enjoy the way that the paint is applied through the use of a pallet knife, being very loose and experimental.

However, to improve this piece I would add some deeper tones in the shirt, as it looks overexposed.

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