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Artist inspiration

Peter Knight

Peter Knight

Peter Knight has been quite inspirational to me, given he is an artist from Jersey, however also due to his detail and likeness of the creation of different landmarks around the coast, as well as the use of vibrant colours and geometric shapes.

Claude Monet’s 1904, Houses of Parliament


This painting in particular has influenced me greatly due to the light, the reflections as well as Monet’s choice of colours and brush marks.

Peter Doig

Grande Riviere (2002)

Canoe Island (2000)

Peter Doig has helped me in terms of his creation of scenes in the landscape, thus creating a story or a message behind each one. Furthermore the light that shines off Canoe Island, is very lifelike and mesmerising.

Maya Deren

Maya Deren was an experimental filmmaker, known for creating intriguing short films being one of the most influential filmmakers at that time, as well as being interested in the movement of the body. This has influenced me to explore film further.

Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)

A Study In Choreography For Camera (1945)


Split Personality Inspiration

Split (2016)

This pencil drawing, as well as the movie split, gave me the idea to create various emotion characters originated around one person. Looking further into their expression and mood. They made me think imagine if I was to take a different route in life, making different decisions, what kind of person would I become?

Split Personality by Matt Holman

Alternate Reality Inspiration

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

By watching both of these Spider-Man movies they made me think about other beings that live outside of earth, as well as if an alternate reality was to exist, splitting the world into chaos.


Meteor inspiration

Rain of a Thousand Flames

Chaos of 2012

Originally I wanted to include something on my wall that covered the theme of the end of the world, and its destruction, but wasn't sure what. After some research I came across these artworks, depicting the world getting destroyed, and thus made me think about a meteor.


Island inspiration

The Harrison’s - Greenhouse Britain

The Harrisons have worked together for approximately 40 years and are leading figures in art and ecology. They are mainly known for ‘Greenhouse Britain’ their biggest exhibition, which addressed an advancing heat wave and the impact of ocean level rise. They investigated these effects by exhibiting their research in different artistic and engaging ways, such as through mapping, projections and voice recordings.  Something  that as a group 

we wanted to look into. Thus creating more of an intriguing and exciting experience for the public.

Obviously wanting to create something environmental and ecological, this image to the left helped in giving me the idea to create a 3D tranquil island.

Most miniature landscape terrain models used foam for the base, plastic flock for the grass and leaves, and typically used resin for rivers and seas.  Although this would most likely look the best and most realistic, it would have been a lot more expensive and obviously less environmentally friendly.

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