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Harrison Matthews
Artist Filmmaker

My Artist Show Reel

Professional Practice Portfolio

Forgotten 3 Screens.00_01_58_11.Still002.png

Forgotten - 20/05/2024

12 minute, three screen projection

A world in which is obsessed with efficiency and productivity, can be a struggle for some people to live in, and can be quite overwhelming at times, which induces a lot of anxiety and fear. My film looks to overcome these feelings and focus upon personal growth and accepting who you are.


The Speed Of Life - 15/11/2023

2 minute 44 second, double screen projection

Life has become rushed, too fast for our own good and now the world is unable to slow down. Constantly innovating and rapidly improving technology as well as travel. I attempted to honour this fear through my films, focusing upon being alone, as well as the anxiety and overwhelming state of mind this fear is able to put you through.

Forgotten 3 Screens.00_03_41_22.Still004.png
Forgotten 3 Screens.00_03_30_19.Still003.png

Bouncing Moon - 11/12/2023

3 minute 57 second projection

While filming the Speed of Life I found the moon really intriguing as if it was guiding the way, and due to the speed of the coach and the use of a handheld camcorder I wasn't able to get a steady shot of the moon, so by speeding up the clip, and flipping the shits, I made it seem as if it was bouncing.


Turbulent Thoughts - 17/04/2023

6 minute 14 second projection 

Fear has been an integral part within my films, and it mainly started with this film, where I made it seem like someone became trapped within the woods and were running away from nothing but their mind as it played tricks on them, which I created by layering sounds together, as well as using the wind and the noises of nature in order to overwhelm.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 191314.png

Turbulent Thoughts Book


In order to challenge the viewing of a film, I decided to create  a flipbook so my film Turbulent Thoughts could be experienced in a different way. This also taps into memory given I couldn't add every single frame which gave the book a slightly jumpy quality, as if the memory was hazy.


The Trail - 12/12/2022

Collaboration Installation and Projection

Through making the trees, gathering and suspending leaves, as well as filming and projecting a particular area in the forest, we were able to create our own world, bringing the outside in to cerate an immersive space where people could feel one with nature.


Harrison Matthews - Artist Statement

My art practice is centred around film and cinema and given they have been a core interest of mine for many years, I find that film is the most effective way for me to express my ideas, problems and experiences, bringing light to themes surrounding sensory overload, alienation and social isolation. The main theme of my work, however, is fear, especially the power of overcoming fear and the journey it takes to get there, with a specific focus on the fear of life progressing too quickly. I chose to study this, particularly due to the fact that nowadays fear seems to be built into our lives through the society that we live in, and therefore it is very difficult to escape from it, providing me with the motivation to express these fears in ways to learn from them, rather than letting fear control us.

I have carried this theme of fear throughout all my films as well as within my dissertation, due to it being a real interest of mine, as well as personally having to cope with fear, but also stiving to abolish the fear and to find a way to work with fear not fighting against it.

My current film Forgotten is based upon how life has recently developed in a very rapid way, with the improvement of technology and travel being of the upmost importance, providing us with the mindset to maximise our productivity and do everything as quick as possible, making life become too fast. I have found that because of this people don’t go outside as much as in the past and thus don’t engage with others as much as they should, and so people have therefore become more isolated and are unwilling to help their community. This has led to the deterioration of relationships as well as decreasing the chances of serendipitous meetings, thus creating an antisocial culture. However, simply slowing down to enjoy the world around us, expanding our minds with knowledge and experiences, is worth way more than focusing on trying to save time and obsessing over wealth.

Forgotten centres around the life and experiences of one character in particular, focusing upon the world that they live in and how their anxieties and insecurities are affected by this busy, crowded world. This fear that I attempt to portray is called agoraphobia, as I focus on the overwhelming state of mind that this fear puts you in. In order to connect the audience personally to my film, using both third- and first-person point of views it allows them to sense how the protagonist feels, and how they might feel in the same situation. The editing techniques that I used to alter the clips in order to emphasise these themes, include changing the speed and the repetition of the clips, as well as focusing on the sound design by layering these sounds in order to enforce this overwhelming feeling.

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